Viktor Karis Real EstatesVictor Karis is a Certified Real Estate Agent No. 666 and his Licence No. 364.

He is a pleasant and attractive personality with excellent strategic communication skills in the Real Estate business marketing , industry and land development.

He served most of the Local and Offshore companies in Cyprus , European and non-European.

He is fully aware of the Cyprus and International Real Estate Laws and Procedures.

His long working experience dealing with the Insurance, Investment and Banking sector in London and Cyprus made him a valuable specialist consultant in the Real Estate business and investment.

His past experience in London Stock Exchange stocks and shares and United Kingdom Treasury Bills and in the Banking Sector in London was appointed as an Assistant Bank Manager responsible for the Bank of England Statistical and Financial Management Returns in London Banks and subsequently for the Central Bank of Cyprus to determine the liquidity ratio of offshore Banks registered with the Central Bank of Cyprus.

Due to his high university academic abilities was assigned with high-level duties in the banking sector and his employment with them became indispensable.
He is an extrovert and assertive person, who would like to get along with all others , local and overseas clientsVictor Karis Real Estates | Logo.

Victor Ioannis Karis has been added to the List of the Authorised Signatures of a London bank in the Category “A” Signatory due to his power of knowledge , his full integrity and above all his energy and honesty and charismatic character.

Finally, with his high educational knowledge and working experience and tributes is capable to secure excellent prospects in his property business career.